What’s Your Alignment?

What’s Your Alignment?


Saving money and gas – good things to do.  One simple way to save on both is to make sure your car is aligned well.


Checking Alignment


tire tread

Are your treads running thin?

One simple way to make sure your car is aligned well is to check your tire treads.  One way to do this is to use a penny.  Insert it with Abe facing you and upside down.  Note where each tread reaches on the penny.  If the tire tread doesn’t reach the top of Abe’s head (with the penny upside down), you need to re-tread your tires.  If one side of your car has lower treads than the other, your tires are out of alignment and you should get them adjusted.

You can also check alignment by buying a tool for the job, which may be more precise.


Why Does Alignment Matter?


If your tires are out of alignment, you are dragging your tires on one side and wearing them unnecessarily.  This creates extra drag on your car, making your engine work harder and reducing your gas mileage, not to mention making tires on that side need to be changed more frequently.  Well-aligned tires run more smoothly and save you money.


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