used Chevy Lumina APV engines

The Chevy Lumina APV tag stands for All Purpose Vehicle and was Chevrolets second attempt to wrest part of the minivan market away from Chrysler. The first engine in these vans was a 3.1 L V6, and lacked the power to efficiently move the relatively heavy van.

In 1994 the Lumina received an engine upgrade to a 3.8L which provided a lot more get up and go for the minivan, so much more infact that the Lumina APV enginewas the strongest in the minivan market until Ford introduce the Windstar in 1996 with a substantial 200 horses under the hood.

Modest sales continued however and the plug was pulled in late 1995 and was replaced by Chevrolet’s complete new designed minivan the Venture.

Production of the Lumina minivan engines ceased in 1996, at which time the Tarrytown plant which produced them and which had been in operation since 1900, was shuttered and scheduled for demolition.