used Ford Bronco II engines

The Ford Bronco II was designed specifically to compete with Chevrolet’s S10 Blazer and Toyota’s 4Runner. The first sub compact SUV released by Ford since the inception of the original Bronco, Ford designed the Bronco II on the Ranger platform and is identical to the Ford Ranger. The only differences between the two are the Bronco II’s 94 inch wheel base and enclosed rear. Most of the parts for both vehicles are interchangeable.

The Bronco II was first offered with a Cologne 2.8 Liter engine which is the same one used in the Ford Ranger the first two years of its production as well.
The 1986 version of the Bronco II would include a fuel injected Cologne 2.9 Liter V6 engine. Problems with the cylinder head soon emerged leading to internal coolant leaks between the valve springs or at the base of the rocker shafts. Although improvements to the head castings were made in late 1989, these new heads were never installed on the Bronco II. Ford decided to end production of the Bronco II and replace it with the Explorer.

Despite the problems associated with the early engines, Bronco II enthusiast still actively seek this out as they tend to be ideal off road vehicles. An inexpensive, solid, compact SUV, the similiarities shared with the Ranger make it ideal for swapping parts. Many popular engine change outs such as with a Ford Windsor engine, are no problem with Bronco II.