used Ford Tempo engines

The Ford Tempo was produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1984 to 1994. The Tempo design had actually begun back in the seventies in response to two oil embargos experienced by the United States at that time. The push inside Ford was to develop vehicles that were economical to operate and environmentally friendly. The goal was to come up with vehicles that were ergonomic and had a more aerodynamic design.

Extensive wind tunnel testing was done on the tempo resulting in over 450 hours and 950 design changes.

The 1984 Ford Tempo was the outcome of these tests. It was given a 60 degree windshield and aircraft inspired door frames. The first engine for the Tempo was a 2.3 Liter HSC I4.
Mercury Lynx were nearly identical cars and shared the same engines as well as other features. The Mercury Topaz also shared the engine and the transmission of the first Tempo. The difference in the vehicles were mostly cosmetic, differing mostly in the frond and rear end styling.

The trim levels and a new engine were a few of the changes Ford made to the Tempo for 1992, the Tempo GL Premier Edition was introduced to give some variety to the vehicle and was only available for that one year. Slumping sales and a new car slated for placement in the Tempo’s slot ultimately led to its demise and it was discontinued after 1995.