used Lincoln Blackwood engines

The Lincoln Blackwood was a foray into the new luxury truck market that Ford was interested in. The Black was produce in 2002 only and was assembly exclusively in Caycomo, Missouri in the United States.

The Blackwood was conceived and built to compete directly with Cadillacs Escalade EXT. Built on the same platform as the Ford F-150 crew cab, problems with the Blackwood were not immediately apparent and it seemed to be well received initially. It was in a newly developed class which was that of a full size luxury pick up truck and of course it had a four door crew cab truck style built on the Ford P Platform.

The engine that was used for the Black wood was a 5.4 Liter 300 horsepower V8 coupled with a four speed automatic. Problems cropped up at first when the truck was only offered with a black interior and a black exterior. Later problems seemed to include things such as no bed even though it was billed as a pick up truck. What had originally been the bed of the F150 was redone into a trunk with a pwer tonneau and carpeting. The outside of the bed had aluminum pinstripes over artificial black wood. To make things worse the truck only came in rear wheel drive. It seems as if in the attempt to make this a luxury truck, the designers forgot that it was indeed a truck. Most consumers were turned off because of the limited practical use that could be derived from the vehicle. This problem was not helped considering the extreme praticality that Cadillac had managed to fuse into the luxurious Cadillac.

Sales continued to plummet so badly that the plug was pulled on the Lincoln Blackwood after only 3,356 were produced. The truck was in production for just a short 15 months. However in this short time span, a special edition was created just for the 2001 Neiman Marcus spring catalog.