Impress Your Valentine: Polls Says- Women Prefer Men Who Drive This

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Black trucks, like this Ford Super Duty truck, make some pretty big statements about the driver

One of the biggest reasons that men drive big, flashy cars is because they feel it impresses women. However, according to a survey recently taken of over 2,000 drivers, the sports car might be the wrong ride for those looking to impress a potential date. According to what the survey found, women are much more likely to prefer men in a black truck.

Men who drive black trucks, whether they’re brand new and sleek, or they look like a beater with an engine for sale, tend to be more appealing overall. According to the survey, participants found people who drive a dark truck to be the most attractive option for a ride, with black trucks agreed upon as the most desirable color, which is a number not to be trifled with. Sports cars came in at barely 27%, which might be surprising for those who thought the need for speed was going to tip the scales in their favor.

Trucks, particularly black trucks, make some pretty big statements about the driver. Dark colors are attractive in general, but black has an attitude that’s been used by bad guys in films for years. It’s bad, and it gives off a vibe of confidence that can earn some serious notice. Not only that, but a truck also has the attitude of being tough, hard-working, and being a vehicle that can last through anything. That makes a statement about the person driving it, and it projects qualities people happen to find engaging.

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Can Your Car Be Your Mobile Office?

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Using your car as a mobile office may save you money


When people think of the state of Georgia, chances are good that the first words that come to mind are not “government invention”. However, Georgia decided to try something unique by getting rid of the physical office space used by their parole officers, and assigning said officers to a car as a mobile work station. The question that lots of people are now asking, both in the private sphere as well as in the public one, is can this really work?

The Upsides

On the one hand it’s true that Georgia has saved a lot of money up front by getting rid of all the overhead that comes with renting buildings, buying real estate, or any of the other things associated with traditional, static offices. It keeps employees in the field, and it helps to make sure that the job’s getting done at the ground level. Also, thanks to mobile technology, it’s possible for those using their cars as mobile offices to maintain access to databases, to file reports, and to communicate with superiors all across the board. In that instance the idea of a mobile office run out of a vehicle is actually a pretty safe, sane idea.

The Downsides

On the other hand, driving isn’t free. The cost of gas is definitely something to consider, particularly if individuals now have to drive more than they would have had to with a static office. Employees need a vehicle that’s big enough for them to do all of the necessary work their jobs entail, and which will support all of the equipment they need to bring into the field as well. Upkeep is also an issue, and unless business and government employees want to keep a constant eye out for “engine for sale” ads then a mobile office might not be the best idea.

Does it Save?

The question, at the end of the day, is whether turning one’s car into a mobile office saves money. Does the cost in vehicle upkeep and fuel, as well as the cost in technology and the sheer inconvenience of being on the road all day, every work day, balance out the costs that would otherwise be spent on a static office? Or, in the event that individuals don’t have an office at all, is using a car as an office cheaper than simply going and finding a physical office to set up?


How To Increase Your Cars Horsepower for Cheap

Southwest Engines

Consider installing a high-flow air filter or an after market air intake


If you can afford to buy a Maserati Granturismo or 2014 Porsche Cayman sports car you won’t have too much concern about “horsepower” or that idiot in the next lane that lowers his car window and yells: “Hey sport! You wanna race?” On the other hand those more sensible car owners and drivers may wish to have a chat with the experts here at Southwest Engines for a more affordable and professional opinion about ways to increase horsepower in the vehicle they already own and drive; sounds like good advice, huh!


All that said we would like to present 5 ways for a person wanting to increase their horsepower and get the job done right the first time so they’ll be able to fool the next “clown” at a stop light who challenges you to a race saying: “You think that old clunker can beat this clunker, pal?” One fact about increasing horsepower in older vehicles is knowing whether it’s a V8 or V6; like a Lincoln Towncar. Most V8 engines will get a power boost from a true dual exhaust and an “H” pipe. Also keeping your car running smooth and in good shape can always boost power too. What we’re saying here is that no matter what kind of car you have, you can always add a little or a lot of horsepower increase, but eventually it will come down to time and money.


The folks here at Southwest Engines say that as a rule, you start with the components that are farthest from the engine and work your way inwards. For most cars you’ll start with the air intakes. So the cheapest and easiest ways to increase your cars horsepower boils down to this:


#1 – Clean all the junk out of your car reducing its weight
#2 – Clean out or pay someone to clean out the engine and air intake (may be a DIY job)
#3 – Go up “one” size in your spark plugs
#4 – Get MSD coil packs for your make and model vehicle
#5 – Install the following: A high-flow air filter or an after market air intake.


Install a “high-flow” converter or “turbo muffler” or both. Avoid getting the biggest since it may reduce performance. You might also consider removing the air silencer for more power and sound. Plus keeping your car running cool and well tuned can always boost your horsepower as well.