used Chevy S10 Blazer engines

The S10 Blazer was introduced in 1983 a year after the S10 pickup was placed on the market as a replacement for the outgoing Chevy Luv. The Blazer was based on the S10 pickup platform and shared many features with the pickup. Most differences were cosmetic, although some stylizing cues were based on the K5 Blazer and the Jimmy. The most notable difference was the non removable hard top which its larger counterparts came standard with.

GM’s 2.0 L OHV four cylinder engine was originally offered as an option but the V6 was refitted with a throttle-body fuel injection system for 1986 in order to improve performance and fuel economy. This engine was enormously popular as it was felt the four cylinder had offered too little in the way of power.

In 1993 the S10 Blazer engine was overhauled again to the 4.3 L (262 cu in) LB4 V6. This would be the last change besides slight cosmetic upgrade that Chevrolet would give to the S10 Blazer and in 1994 it was dropped from the Chevrolet line up.

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