used Dodge 100 Pickup engines

The Dodge 100 pickup was built in Britain by Dodge during the 70′s and 80′s. The 100 offered a diesel engine. Originally it was intended to have a Rootes Diesel engine however the engine proved to noisy and was dropped because of the expense of bringing it in line with federal standards at the time.

Dodge ended up going with an unknown maker, Perkins for its diesel engines. The engines offered were both naturally aspirated and turbocharged Perkins diesel engines. These were made locally in the United Kingdom, which made them even more attractive because they did not have to import them.

The top end line of the Dodge 100 did come with a premium engine, the Mercedes-Benz OMO352
.The Commando trucks were available around the world however they were not sold in the United States due to stricter emissions regulations. To meet these standards, Dodge felt would push the cost out of range of the intended buyer group.

The trucks were rebadged in other parts of the world and known under the name Commer.

Dodge also worked closely with Renault for a while and a Mark 2 version with an upgraded engine and other options was offered through Renault Trucks.Chrysler Europe had acquired a controlling interest in the Commer’s owner, Rootes and the truck design was changed to complement other trucks in the Dodge line up in Europe.

The trucks were originally made to be between 7.5 and 28 ton trucks however Chryser scaled this back somewhat and the final capacity range came in somewhere between 7.5 tons and 16 tons Gross Vehicle Weight. for full vehicles and 24/28 tons Gross Cargo Weight for tractors.

Valmet DSA diesels were installed in some markets and these proved to be quite durable and popular. Four and five speed synchronized manual transmissions from Rootes were used. Rear axles were a mixture of Rootes and Eaton Corporation.

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