used Dodge Charger engines

The Dodge Charger was a popular pony car originally release back in sixties in response to Ford’s release of the hugely popular Mustang. The car had above average performance for a street car and the tow door coupe had fast back styling and a powerful V8 engine. The V8 engine Dodge had chosen to include? Nothing less than its most popular 426 Hemi engine. Most men today age 50 and older are bound to have found memories of the famous muscle car. The car was a coronet based coupe that only came with two doors at the time it was first introduced in 1966.

Younger generations will remember the Dodge Charger as well, although they may not have seen one in person, surely it is easily recognizable once one knows what to look for. Think of a sporty restored orange car driven by two country boys who had been wrongly framed by a crooked small town sheriff and mayor. That still doesn’t ring any bells? How about a confederate flag painted on top (that surely would be seen as politically incorrect today, but most thought is cute back then). That’s right! The General Lee driven by known other than handsome cousins Bo and Luke Duke, was a Dodge Charger. In the eighties, most small towns in the south had boys that restored old Chargers just so they could say they owned the General Lee.

If you loved the old ones then you were quite presently surprised when Dodge brought the beloved car back in 2006. For the first year the Charger had a less than spectacular interior and was available in (of all things) a four door sedan. The Charger SXT was the trim level for the next year. For the 2008 year it was also released in a two door version that comes closer to looking like the original 1966 than most would realize. The2008 Charger is available in a well equiped Charger R/T that comes with a 5.7 liter Hemi V8.

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