used Dodge Colt engines

The Dodge Colt was a subcompact car produced by Dodge from 1970 through 1994. As cars go, the Dodge Colt was a reliable small car that was economically priced and placed in the lower price lineup by Dodge. It also had a twin that was released around the same time called the Plymouth Champ. While both were carried under the Dodge-Chrysler Marque, neither of the vehicles was truly an American made car. What they were, were rebadged Mitsubishis. Made over seas by Mitsubishi Motors then simply rebagdged when they entered the states. Both the Colt and the Champs were virtually identical to the Mitsubishi Galant, except of course for the name.

The Colt was changed from a rear wheel drive vehicle to front wheel drive and again this was simply a rebadge of the Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste. Truly the cars share identical parts and interchanges between the two have never been a problem.

Once the Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon received the axe in 1990 The Colt was the only small car left in the Dodge stable.

Among other names shared with the Dodge Colt were the Eagle Summit and the Mitsubishi MirageThe Dodge Colt was not carried in the United states for 1991 or 1992 however it would make a return as the Dodge Colt sedan for both 1993 and 1994 however this time it would carry the name of the Eagle Summit only. The Colt Turbo was a fine automobile and it was a bad call when Dodge made the decision not to bring the car back for the 1990 model year.

The Dodge Colt did have its heyday however. Dodge utilized the vehicle heavily in rallys and it was a Dodge Colt that would take the third position in the SnowDrift Rally of 1973. The event was repeated in 1974 and the Dodge Colt finished third in that race as well.

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