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Used Lincoln Engines


Used Lincoln Engines engines




Lincoln is actually a Luxury Car manufacturer in America that is operated by the Ford Motor Company. Lincoln itself was founded by Henry M. Leland in the year 1917 by and then acquired by the Ford Motor Company in the year 1922. The company, however, still manufactures vehicles which have been planned for upscale markets ever since the 1920s. The manufacturer named the company after Abraham Lincoln--his longtime hero and for whom he had voted during his first presidential elections.

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  • Our Engines are stored Indoors away from the elements.
  • Each used engine we ship is tested to the hilt for performance.
  • Your Satisfaction is our Highest Goal.

Advantages of Buying Engines from SWEngines

  • The Best Price and Quality.
  • Getting the Right Engine for your Car.
  • Top Tier Warranty.
  • Vast Inventory to find the Right Used Engine you need.
  • Free Shipping to Anywhere in the 48 Continental United States.

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