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Although prides itself on customer satisfaction, you can't please all the people all the time as the old saying goes. In attempt to be 100% transparent to our potential customers, we are providing you with information proving our superior customer satisfaction rating. Out of the thousands of engines we have sold there are only a handful of complaints we have identified from the various online complaint sites!

To avoid some core issues that can result in a complaint, we offer the following tips to maximize your buying experience:


Warranty: You must activate your warranty! To help prevent fraud, we ask that you activate your warranty and send us a picture of your odometer on your vehicle immediately after installation. We realize this is a bit unorthodox, but a security measure we have put in place to enable us to keep our pricing low as possible. Also, please read your warranty completely and follow the Terms and Conditions.


Shipping: On average, pending volume and weather, time for shipping takes approximately 7-14 business days. The 7-14 days is in no way a gurantee and may take longer in some rare cases where availability or volume is at a peak, it can take a bit longer. We only provide tracking once the engine is actually shipped. Please feel free to inquire about your order status at any time, but if we have not reached the 14 day max by the time of your inquiry, we are still in order fufillment process.


If you follow the tips given here, we are most certain you will have the same experience as the 99.4% of customers we have already satisfied.