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About US


Southwest Engines is probably the #1 engine supplier anywhere in the United States - period. Of course I know we are saying this about ourselves but it's just the truth. We supply a better product with a better warranty with the best service and we know it. We have literally spent years and thousands of dollars to get it right - which is what we strive for, getting it right.

We know buying a replacement engine isn't top most people's Christmas list and know its a big investment from a time and money standpoint. We know being without a car for days on end is extremely stressful. We know that a blown engine is not somethign most people 'prepare for'. With this knowledge drives our passion to get you back in your car, truck, or SUV with an engine that will keep you on the road for many miles ahead and with the peace of mind that when it's all over you actually saved a bundle by preserving the life of your current vehicle.

You may notice that our process is fairly detailed. We don't promise you'll get the engine in 1 or 2 days like many of our competitors. We don't promise you the cheapest price anywhere. We don't promise you'll never have a problem with your engine. Why? Because we would be lying. Sure - of course we could get more customers by telling them what they want to hear but everyone loses when it's done that way.

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