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Why should you choose SWEngines over Woodfins Auto Parts or Powertrain Products for your Used Engine needs? The obvious choice is clear!

Woodfins Auto Parts vs. Powertrain Products vs. SWEngines

Woodfins Auto Parts Powertrain Products SWEngines
Pricing: YOU pay *60% More than SWEngines. Additional or Hidden Fees Exist. YOU pay *40% MORE than SWEngines. Additional or Hidden Fees Exist. Very Competitive and We are Willing to Work within Your Budget. No Additional or Hidden Fees!
Shipping: YOU pay additional Shipping & Handling charges. YOU pay additional Shipping & Handling charges. Free Shipping to Continental U.S.!
Warranty: 3rd party approval. 90 days standard FREE, 3 Year Parts Only extended available. In-house warranty decisions. N0 FREE option, 2 Year Parts & Labor available on used engines. Dedicated, in-house warranty department. FREE* Affordable 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty available!
Selection: NOT Used Engines specialists, limited Used Engine inventory. NOT Used Engines specialists, very limited Used Engine inventory. We are the Specialists in Used Engines and have acess to the Nation's LARGEST Used Engine Inventory!
Core Charges: Yes! Additional cost to YOU. Yes! Additional cost to YOU, 30 day waiver available but core charge due after 30 days. NO additional cost to YOU!
Instant Quote: Confined to only the limited used engine inventory in stock. Limited and cumbersome to navigate. No Used Engine selection. Finds and emails you the exact engine you are looking for in most cases Instantly!

Woodfins or Powertrain Products do not come close to competing with the excellent features, deals and most importantly the Cost Savings SWEngines has for YOU. The Clear Choice is SWEngines!

We hope we helped you make the right choice today! Call Us at 866-319-1058 or Order Online here and get the Used Engine you need today!

*Most engines come with a 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. Diesel and some Heavy Duty Trucks come with 3 Year Warranty.

*based on spot-checked price comparisons of popular makes and model vehicles with competing vendor.

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